Vision & Mission

Vision of Toastmasters International

Toastmasters International empowers people to achieve their full potential and realize their dreams. Through our members clubs, people throughout the world can improve their communication and leadership skills, and find the courage to change.

Mission of Toastmasters International

Toastmasters International is the leading movement devoted to making effective oral communication a worldwide reality. Through its member Clubs, Toastmasters International helps men and women learn the arts of speaking, listening and thinking – vital skills that promote self-actualization, enhance leadership, foster human understanding and contribute to the betterment of mankind. It is basic to this mission that Toastmasters International continually expand its worldwide network of Clubs, thereby offering ever greater numbers of people the opportunity to benefit from its programs.

Mission of District 60

The mission of the district is to enhance the performance and extend the network of clubs, thereby offering greater numbers of people the opportunity to benefit from the Toastmasters education program by:

  • Focusing on the critical success factors as specified by the District Educational and Membership Goals
  • Insuring that each club effectively fulfills its responsibilities to its members.
  • Providing effective training and leadership opportunities for Club and District Officers.

Mission of Toronto Business Toastmasters

We are “Toronto Business Toastmasters” and aim to create an environment where we can ultimately shine in our professional lives. Members are encouraged to bring business related topics into the speaking process, whenever they want.

We provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment where every member has the opportunity to develop his/her communication and leadership skills. Our members gain self-confidence leading to personal growth.

Our Club's Code of Conduct

As a member of Toronto Business Toastmasters, we adhere to a specific Code of Conduct.

  • We agree to support club members and assist the executive team as needed
  • We attend meetings regularly
  • We strive to help the club provide a positive and healthy environment to help our members grow
  • We treat members and guests with courtesy and respect
  • We switch off our cell phones at meetings
  • We fulfill every role to the best of our ability. We prepare our speeches based on the guidelines for each project provided within the manuals
  • We bring our manuals to the meetings and ensure that we get signatures for roles completed
  • We prepare for our role and confirm our participation with the Chairperson prior to the meeting.
  • If necessary to find a replacement, each member is personally responsible to make that happen
  • We strive to give sound constructive feedback to help fellow members grow
  • We follow the dress code of business casual when attending meetings
  • We refrain from using profanity, remarks that are derogatory, bigoted or racist and can hurt a fellow member
  • When assigned to be a mentor to a new member, we assist them in navigating the road for success on their Toastmasters journey to the best of our ability
  • We bring guests to meetings so that they may learn about Toastmasters and encourage them to join and avail the benefits of Toastmasters
  • We adhere to the guidelines and rules for all Toastmasters educational and recognition programs
  • We maintain honest and highly ethical standards during the conduct of all Toastmasters activities while representing our club at external events
  • We assist in keeping the boardroom clean after the club meeting is complete and return any items borrowed from the office.
  • We try our best to NOT cancel our roles at meetings at the last minute
  • We understand that the role of Chairperson at a specific meeting is challenging. For that reason we respond to requests ON TIME
  • We aim to create a safe and relaxing environment where we can have fun while practicing our speaking skills.

Meetings held every Tuesday 12:15-1:30 PM

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