Table Topic Master

The Table Topic Master gives members who are not assigned a speaking role the opportunity to speak during the meeting. The Table Topic Master challenges each member with a subject, and the speaker responds with a one minute impromptu talk. This provides you with an opportunity to practice planning, preparation, organization, time management and facilitation skills; your preparation and topic selection help train members to quickly organize and express their thoughts in an impromptu setting.

In the Week Before the Meeting:

  • Confirm with the Toastmaster that you are prepared for the role of Table Topics Master.
  • Be creative. There are a variety of ways to stage the session – the staging is entirely up to you: members may draw a number and you give them the topic; the topic is drawn by the member at the table; props may be used; members may play different roles; one continuous story; improv session, etc. - it's all up to you!
  • Prepare topics reflecting the theme of the day to make the session interesting and fun.
  • Call a fellow member if you would like to bounce around some ideas and obtain some advice.

Before the Meeting:

  • If not already done so by Chair or Sgt-At-Arms, ensure the Speaker Evaluation and Table Topic Voting sheets are distributed at each place setting.
  • If using numbers or slips with table topics on them, place them on the tables.

During the Meeting:

  • Take control of the lectern from the Toastmaster after being introduced.
  • Briefly state the purpose of Table Topics, your role and what is about to happen.
  • Be certain everyone understands that the maximum time they have for their response is one minute and how the timing device works - green light will go on at 30s, amber light at 45s and red light at 1min at which point, members will be politely clapped down.
  • Encourage everyone to use the Word of the Day in their responses.
  • You may wish to invite visitors and guests to participate after they have seen one or two members’ responses. But let visitors know they are free to decline if they feel uncomfortable.
  • Keep an eye on the time.
  • Remind attendees to vote for the best table topic speech using the bottom ballot on the evaluation form and to return them to you.
  • Return control of the lectern to the Toastmaster.
  • Collect and count the ballots for best table topic speaker; announce the winner at the end of the meeting; give the best table topic speaker ribbon to the winner.

Meetings held every Tuesday 12:15-1:30 PM

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