Role Replacement Policy 


Finding A Replacement For A Scheduled Role

When you are scheduled to perform a role at a Toronto Business Toastmaster Meeting but are unable to attend, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.   Below are the steps we recommend you follow to find a replacement.  

  • Do not send out an email to all members of the Club seeking a replacement.  In the past this has led to confusion, has been an irritant to our members, and generally has proven not to be effective.
  • Instead, we recommend that you develop a “buddy system” with 2 or 3 other members whereby you can fill in for each other when one member is unable to attend.
  • Alternatively, look at the schedule for upcoming meetings to find someone filling the same or similar role and offer to switch with that person.  You will find email addresses of all our members in the Member Directory. 
  • Inform the Vice President Education of the replacement so the upcoming schedule can be changed.
  • Promptly confirm to Chair and Toastmaster the name of your replacement.
  • If you are still unable to find a replacement:
  • Contact the Chair and Toastmaster and tell them who you have contacted and ask their help in finding a replacement.
  • For replacement of speech roles only, the Chair or Toastmaster may contact the VP of Education for a recommendation.

Role Confirmation Policy

Confirming Your Attendance To Fulfill A Scheduled Role

Being the Chair, Toastmaster or General Evaluator of a meeting is usually a time-consuming process.  It is made more difficult when members do not confirm their intention to fulfill a scheduled role, or do not confirm their role until late on Monday.  If you have a role, here are some ways you can help:

  • Promptly confirm your attendance when you receive the first reminder notice of the meeting.
  • Come to the meeting 5-10 minutes early and check in with the Chair, Toastmaster or General Evaluator, as applicable.

Thank you for being considerate of your Fellow Toastmasters and for ensuring that our Toronto Business Toastmaster meetings maintain high professional standards. 

Meetings held every Tuesday 12:15-1:30 PM

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