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Toastmasters Promise
and Code of Conduct
The Toastmasters Promise – Click Here
Toronto Business Toastmasters Code of Conduct – Click Here
Your Journey Through Toastmasters New Members Registration Form – Click Here

Description of the roles during the meetings – Click Here

The path through Toastmaster along with the different achievements is described below.
Membership Achievement Record – Click Here
Toronto Business Toastmasters Schedule
Members can expect to get an opportunity to give a prepared speech once every 4-6 weeks. Members can expect to be assigned a supporting role at a more frequent rate. Members can volunteer to take on a role more frequently if there is a vacancy.

Toronto Business Toastmasters Schedule – Click Here
Contacting Club Members Members Directory – Click Here
Updating your Personal Information

Updating your personal information has to be done at –

  • Your Profile located on the Toronto Business Toastmasters Website – Click Here
  • Your Profile on the Toastmasters International website – Click Here
  • You must also contact the VP of Education – Judy Lei
Toastmasters Competitions

Every year Toastmasters International hosts a variety of competitions based on some of the more popular roles of the meetings. They are as follows, along with the approximate dates the competitions take place–

  • International Speech Competition – January or February
  • International Evaluation Competition - January or February
  • Table Topics Competition – September or October
  • Humorous Speech Competition -  September or October

For more details, please visit the District 60 Yearly Calendar

In order to participate in any competition, a member must be in good standing (i.e. has paid their dues) and a member must be part of a club in good standing (I.e. the club must have paid their dues). In order to participate in the International Speech Competition, the member must have completed the first 6 speeches from the Competent Communicators manual in addition to the previously stated requirements.

For more details on the various contests – Click Here

Toronto Business Toastmasters believes that every new member should have a mentor to help them start on the path to success on their Toastmasters journey. This early start allows members to start having an immediate impact on their personal growth and will help them achieve their goals earlier. Therefore, the VP of Mentorship, Jeanette Brox will approach new members within a week of joining the club regarding the selection of a mentor. Members are advised to select a mentor based on the goals and targets they set themselves.  


A list of members willing to be mentors is available here [*]


Your Speaking Voice


Toronto Business Toastmasters on Social Media

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Facebook Group – Click Here. Please ask VP of PR, Erika Wieler to add you to be granted access to the group.

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Instagram – Click Here [*]

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Meetings held every Tuesday 12:15-1:30 PM

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