The Toastmaster's role is to create an atmosphere of interest and expectation of the theme of the day, act as a genial host, keep the meeting on schedule, and provide meaningful introductions to the SpeakersTable Topic Master and General Evaluator.

In the Week Before the Meeting:

  • Contact the SpeakersTable Topics Master and General Evaluator to confirm their attendance at the meeting. Ask the Speakers to provide you with the following information:
    1. Speech Title
    2. Speech Project Name, Number and Manual
    3. Speech Objectives 
    4. Speech Timing
  • After receiving each speakers speech information, contact the meeting chair and let them know so they can put it in the meeting agenda.
  • Generally three speeches will be scheduled per meeting. If there are cancellations, work with the person who is cancelling and the Chair to find a replacement [see Replacement Policy].  If no one volunteers, leave it at two speeches.
  • Prepare a brief explanation of the theme of the day and what it means to you.
  • Prepare your introductions - no longer than 35 - 40 seconds long - interesting tidbits about the speakers - try not to give unattainable expectations for the speaker to live up to.

Before the Meeting:

  • Confirm the above roles to the Chair and make changes with the Chair if required.

During the Meeting:

  • Be prepared to fill in for the Chair should he/she is delayed or unable to attend.
  • Walk up to the lectern with confidence and smile. You don't have to stay behind the lectern.  Remember to include the whole room.
  • Briefly explain your role and elaborate on the theme of the day.
  • Introduce each speaker making sure that you explain the objective of the speech, the title and the timing. Announce the timing of the warning lights, for example: If  the speech is 5 to 7 minute speech the timing long : green at 5 minutes, amber at 6 minutes and red at 7 minutes. Although we do not clap the speaker down, in the interest of time, allow 30 seconds overtime before you ask the speaker to finish; arrange a signal with the Timer.
  • Remember to shake the hand of the speaker before and after they speak - never leave the lectern empty.
  • After each speech allow one minute for people to write down comments for the speaker before moving on.
  • Introduce the Table Topic Master. It is also important to make sure that the Table Topics session does not run overtime.
  • After the Table Topics are finished, introduce the General Evaluator and your job is done.

Meetings held every Tuesday 12:15-1:30 PM

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