How Our Club Works


Guests are welcome to join us.

You will be warmly greeted by our members and introduced at the beginning of the meeting.                       You can sit back and enjoy prepared speeches based on specific objectives. During our impromptu speaking session called Table Topics, you will be encouraged to participate by the Table Topic Master. This session helps sharpen your listening and quick thinking skills, and allows you to have some fun. After Table Topics, you can listen to the feedback on both the speeches and the meeting itself. 

At the end of the meeting, you will be asked for your comments about the meeting.  Any one of our members will answer any questions you may have, and tell you how they have benefited from the               Toastmasters program. You will be given additional information, should you decide to join.

Experience Level in the Club

We have a balanced Club in terms of experience. There are members who are starting out, half way or closing in on their Competent Communicator award (CC) and others who have achieved their CC's and are working on the Advanced Communicator (AC) awards. By actively participating in each meeting, members are able to polish and enhance the skills they already have and learn new ones. The idea is to raise the bar a little every time you get up to speak and listen to feedback from fellow members.

What to Expect Once You Join the Club

When you join, you will receive a New Member Kit in the mail which will contain your CC Manual, Competent Leadership Manual and other booklets containing additional tips and techniques; your name will be added to the mailing list of 'The Toastmaster' magazine. You will be given access to the members' side of our website. Your first speech called 'Ice Breaker' will be scheduled and you will be added to the schedule of rotating meeting roles such as timer of the speeches, presenter of reflection and toast, the word, tip or               humour of the day.  A mentor will be assigned if you wish to have one.

Benefits of Toastmasters

  • Learn and practice new communication skills in a friendly, comfortable environment
  • Build ‘quick thinking’ skills during one minute impromptu speeches
  • Learn to introduce speakers, give prepared speeches, conduct a meeting and perform other roles
  • Receive constructive evaluations that will point out presentation strengths and offer suggestions for improvement
  • Build leadership skills by organizing and conducting meetings and motivating others
  • And much more…

Meeting Structure and Roles

While the length of a meeting may vary from club to club, the structure is basically the same:

  • Call to Order & Welcome guests - Chairperson
  • Reflection and Toast
  • Word of the Day
  • Humour of the Day
  • Tip of the Day
  • Timer
  • Competent Leader Evaluator
  • Toastmaster
  • Prepared Speeches - Speakers
  • Table Topics Master - Short Impromptu Speeches
  • Speech Evaluations - Evaluators
  • General Evaluation - General Evaluator
  • Voting Results
  • Guest comments
  • New business
  • Meeting Adjournment

Meetings held every Tuesday 12:15-1:30 PM

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